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    Manufactured In Britain

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  • Branded Flight Cases

    Custom Branded Cases

    Display and Marketing Cases

    Manufactured In Britain

  • Custom Flight Cases

    Flight Cases

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    Manufactured In Britain

  • Custom Flight Cases

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Are you looking for bespoke flight cases?

Manufactured in the UK, The Flight Case Company are protection specialists who produce bespoke flight case’s that are specific to your individual needs. We create smart yet simple cases taking into consideration that the purpose of your case is unique to you, hence why we have created various collections.

The Flight Case Company build customised flight cases according to your individual requirements, whether you need a case that has a pull-along feature, a briefcase, road trunk or 50/50 split - our diverse range is bound to suit you! After all, we are the leading flight case specialists.

We design all our custom flight cases to be of the highest-quality - hence why we provide a lifetime guarantee.

What flight cases are there?

Apple flight cases – These are suitable for iMac, iPad, Mac Mini, Laptop and LED displays.

Is your computer, TV, lighting and photography protected? We have an Audio-Visual range of flight cases.

Live Sound & PA flight cases – Built specifically to your needs, we offer flight cases for mixers, speakers and venues.

Do you need to protect your musical instrument? We offer a range of cases for guitars, drums, keyboards, amps and pedals. Find out more!

Road trunks – Fireproof, waterproof, aluminium flight cases and utility cases - all offering the best solution for transportation.

Custom cases – From the word go, we work in partnership with you to develop ideas for your ideal flight case.

Do you know exactly what you want? - Get in touch with The Flight Case Company for a free quote!