Mixer slant rack flight case

Mixer Slant Rack 16U x 10U Rack Flight Case

Mixer Slant Rack 16U x 10U Rack Flight Case

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16U Vertical by 10U Mixer Slant Rack Flight Case


  • Effects & processor pro stacking rack
  • Front Rack Height 16U
  • Front Section 16U
  • 10U Top Section
  • Rear Access Panel
  • Robust Rack Case
  • Front and top lid completely removable
  • 9mm laminated plywood panels
  • Recessed, sprung handles with rubber grip
  • Recessed butterfly latches
  • Interlocking dust proof lid edges
  • Dirt resistant vinyl finish
  • Rear access panel
  • Robust rack case
  • Wheels supplied, can be fitted for easy transport
  • Ratchet-style tilt-up mixer rack
  • Dimensions 840 x 600 x 540mm
  • Weight 34kg