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Dedicated Flight Case Store


Custom Flight Cases

Here at NSP have invested a lot of time and money into the development of our custom flight case department.

Using the latest in CNC cutting technology, digital motorised metal saw measurement systems and old fashioned hand built care and attention we guarantee a top quality product that is consisting built to exacting standards. 

Because of this state of the art CNC and Measurement systems we can guarantee repeatability from month to month or even year to year. This means we can rebuild custom cases (or parts of cases) and old and new lids can seamlessly interchange.
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Flight Case Branding

We offer case branding for shop fronts, retail displays (mobile) and exhibition teams. The branding is applied in a various number of formats depending on the budget or turnaround requirement.

This can be logos, text or full colour images. Previous work has included Football Teams, IT Companies and Pop-Up Shop outlets.

Flight Case Design Process

Our design team will work with you from the initial stage of enquiry, helping you to develop your ideas into a finish design or working from existing finished drawings.

We are able to offer a range of specialist options such as internal routed woodwork, external custom branding on flight case panels and CNC routed foam inserts.
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Custom Foam Inserts

We can manufacture custom foam inserts for the internal flight cases, these can vary in depth and shape allowing precise item contour matching.

Routed inserts can be a great way of giving smaller items definitive pockets/spaces to be placed, deep items have their foam pockets routed to greater depths and non standard shapes can be matched.

We have different grades of foam available for CNC inserts, depending on the level of protection and shock reduction we will advise the best material of the job.

Large standard shape items will not often require an insert, however smaller items with curves and protrusions may require inserts to ensure the items are safe, protected and unable to move around in transit. 
Common items that we machine inserts for are - microphones, medical test equipment, musical instruments, laptops, hard drives and drones.  


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