Parcan Lighting Flight Case

6 Way LED Par Can Lighting Flight Case

6 Way LED Par Can Lighting Flight Case

£348.00 £290.00

Designed In House + Custom Built + Lifetime Guarantee

Manufactured in House

Flight Case for 8 x LED Par Cans - Ultimate Lighting Road Trunks


This custom built lighting flight case is built to order therefore will fit your lighting perfectly, we design each one around the make and model of your parcan giving you a guaranteed fit and maximum protection.

There is an optional storage compartment to one enf of the case for cables and accessories. Please select above if you wish to add this to your case.

  • 9.5mm Birch Plywood with Black Scratch Resistant Laminate
  • Aluminium Extrusion
  • Large Recessed Latches
  • 4 x Recessed Flip Handles
  • Foam lining throughout
  • 4 x Heavy Duty 100mm Castors/Wheels (2 with brakes)
  • Space for 8 Par Cans and Storage
  • Full Flight Spec - Built to Last
Please Note: If you require a case similar but to hold more or less Parcans, please contact our sales department and we can provide you with an updated price.