If you play a musical instrument be it in an aspiring rock band, a music teacher or the school band it’s key that when in transit your precious musical instrument is protected, so that you’re not left lost without when you arrive at your concert destination.

Well here at The Flight Case Company our music flight cases are the perfect solution to your transportation logistics, and here are four amazing benefits of music flight cases you should know!


Travelling abroad

Are you in a band? Do you have to travel overseas to attend concerts and gigs? Have you got music equipment cases?


Travelling for long distances can put strain on your instrument, especially if you are travelling by plane! Your instrument is highly likely to become damaged because of heavy suitcases and luggage being stacked up at the airport. Upon arrival, how would you feel discovering that your guitar is no longer in the pristine condition it was when you departed? Therefore, the need for an instrument flight case is vital if you want to travel to and from, with ease.


Transporting and protecting your instrument

Musical instruments are admittedly very heavy, however they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it awkward for you when transporting them to venues. Is your band on the road to a concert which is a matter of hours drive away?  Can you guarantee that your music equipment is safe? Understandably, your equipment may fit in the back of your van or vehicle however it may slide into other equipment that you’re transporting (for example, your beloved guitar may become damaged by the heavy amp you’re taking - resulting in you not being able to play at the gig!) You need music flight cases - particularly if you want to protect your valuables during transportation! Make it good practice to carry your instrument in an instrument flight case, this way you won’t be facing any severe repair or replacement expenses.

Storage of your music equipment

Music equipment can be expensive – and although music equipment flight cases do not come cheap - they ensure your equipment is stored perfectly. Additionally, music cases are reliable in terms of packing; they illustrate the most idyllic way to pack them. By presenting your instrument in a professional way, you can clearly identify the condition of your equipment before you pack it away ready for transportation. Storage of heavy equipment can be difficult in accordance to shape, size and weight; but if all the equipment is stored in a flight case (which is usually rectangular or square) it is easy to stack them up next to each other - utilising space more effectively!


Withstanding harsh maintenance, forces and impacts

Simply, it can be difficult to fund musical instruments and equipment that is affordable, nevermind equipment that is designed to prevent damage from other forces, i.e. unforeseen accidents. Guitars are not created to withstand impacts; therefore, it is advisable to find a solution which enables you to maintain the quality and performance of your musical equipment. When handling particularly heavy equipment, a baggage carrier is often reasonable in terms of maintaining safety however music flight cases are becoming increasingly more popular because they are built to resist any force or impact!


The Flight Case Company has the solution that you’ve been looking for!


Our instrument flight cases are custom built to meet your specific needs and requirements, so whether you play the keyboard, the drums, or the guitar or whether you need to facilitate your pedals, microphones or amp heads, we are sure to have the perfect storage solution for you, keeping size to a minimum!


Discover our Matchless SC-30 112 Combo Guitar Flight Case which is designed in-house and offers you a lifetime guarantee. It is our commitment to you to provide shipping worldwide and to maintain low prices that are encouraging - nevertheless, ensuring maximum protection!


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