There are a number of annoying types of passengers that everyone hopes they don’t get stuck next to during a flight.

From noise to bad smells, a lot of things can happen on a plane to cause frustration and make your journey less than pleasant. At The Flight Case Company we have profiles for four of the most common annoying passengers and how to cope with them.


The inattentive parents




One of the most annoying things on a flight is noisy or naughty children. When their parents act oblivious to their children’s antics it is time to step in. From screaming babies and whiny kids, to disruptive children throwing their toys or kicking seats, no passenger should have to put up with this. Speak to the flight attendant about moving seats if possible or politely talk to the parents to suggest that their children watch the in-flight movie to keep quiet.


The chatty passenger

We are all capable of making small talk but when you sit next to an overly chatty passenger it can be hard to get them to shut up, even if the conversation is one-way. Despite certain body language or hints that you are not interested in talking, this passenger will continue to talk at you. Try not-so-subtly putting in some headphones to cancel out the talking, or explain that you have a big business meeting when you land that you need to rest up for, before pretending to fall asleep. Hopefully they get the hint!


The noisy music listener




Some passengers seem immune to their own high volume music. If you get stuck next to a passenger that is blasting their music on full volume have a word with the flight attendant. Ask whether there is anything they can do and explain that it is disrupting your journey. You may be able to move seat or the attendant may speak to the passenger and ask them to lower the music. Alternatively put in your own noisy-cancelling headphones to muffle the blast.


The smelly one

From body odour issues, sickly-sweet perfumes, stale breath or repugnant foods, smelly passengers can set your head in a spin. To avoid the overpowering and unbearable stench for the next few hours ask to be reseated in another part of the plane. You may be able to upgrade to first class for a more pleasant journey. Otherwise grab the breath mints and offer one to your fellow passenger. The smell of the mint should set the others smells at bay for a while.


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