If you get caught in a sticky situation when you’re travelling and don’t know what to do it can cause the whole trip to be derailed.

Plan ahead by considering things that could happen or go wrong and knowing how to get out of the situation. There’s nothing worse than feeling helpless in an unknown place, especially if the country does not speak your language. Follow our top tips at The Flight Case Company.


Lost in a strange land


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One of the most common sticky travel situations is being lost. Add to that the fact that you’re alone and there is no one around that speaks the same language, and things can get particularly difficult. Where possible, avoid travelling alone. It is good practice to write down the name and address of your accommodation. If you do get lost you could show this to someone in the hope that they will point you in the right direction. This can get past any language barriers. Carry a street map at all times or check that your phone can pick up GPS. There are quite a few handy travel apps you should download too.


Stolen travel documents and credit cards

It is worrying enough when your wallet is stolen in your own country let alone in a foreign country. Being stuck abroad with no passport, wallet or credit cards it a particularly scary situation to be in. Be clever and plan ahead by making a physical or electronic copy of your passport before you travel. It is also a good idea to note down your credit card numbers, customer service numbers and account details. If these details are stolen notify the local police, contact your nearest embassy to sort out a replacement passport, and contact card companies to block your card. Always carry spare cash just in case too.


Credit/debit card not working


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Where possible try not to rely on just one card when you travel. From being blocked by the bank for ‘suspicious use’ to being declined by ATM machines or checkouts, plan ahead to avoid these situations. Make sure you get a substantial amount of currency converted so that you can carry loose cash. It is quite common for people to have issues with their cards abroad and sometimes cash machines charge to get money out. Ring your card company before you travel to notify them that you are going aboard. This way any activity on your card in a foreign country will no longer look abnormal or suspicious.


Poor or dirty accommodation

Arriving in a different country only to start you holiday with the sight of poor or dirty accommodation is not a good situation to be in. Although you can do extensive research prior to travelling to choose the right accommodation, sometimes the place you chose to stay in won’t be all it’s cracked up to be. Pictures can be deceiving but that doesn’t mean you have no rights. Make a formal complaint to the hotel staff or speak to your holiday representative about the issue. They should be able to resolve the problem immediately by properly cleaning the room or relocating you to another room.


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