Before you go away on business it is important to know exactly what you will need so that packing can be a lot easier. Depending on the type of business trip, your normal checklist might be slightly altered.

Here at The Flight Case Company we have come up with five items that are essential for all business trips though, and are best carried onto the plane in a four-wheel case.





Business Cards

Many businessmen and women forget about taking business cards with them but if you are going away on a trip it is likely to be the perfect opportunity for networking. It can look very unprofessional when other people are handing out business cards and you have none of your own. Make the most of the trip in order to expand upon your business knowledge within your sector and meet similar business people or influencers. Giving out business cards can prove very rewarding down the line! Include all of your relevant social media accounts on the business card too such as your Twitter handle or Linkedin profile.



With the boom of technology you are hardly likely to forget to pack those few pieces of tech. Taking your smartphone goes without saying but it is also sensible to pack a laptop or tablet for typing up notes and creating documents or presentations. Even with the versatility of smartphones, laptops and tablets provide a sturdier platform for business and can be used in your hotel room or when you are travelling. Portability is key though; we have a range of cases specifically for transporting Apple products.


Multi-charger and adaptor

During business trips you are far more likely to drain the battery of your electrical items so it might be necessary to pack one travel adaptor per item. It is worth considering that many international currents are less powerful than in the UK so it may take longer than usual to charge items. Multi-charger adaptors can be a great quick fix solution for short business stays in the UK though. Most chargers will be easy to pack without taking up too much room either.





Smart wear

Whether it’s a full business suit and tie or a business skirt and blazer, having at least one set of smart wear is a must. The more versatile the suit, the easier it will be to pack alternate shirts or blouses that you can mix and match with. A lot of airlines will allow you to leave a garment bag in specific storage so that it doesn’t crease. Check with your airline prior to travelling though to see how they can assist you.


Two pairs of shoes

Although you will probably want to pack light, taking two pairs of shoes can be a wise decision. Particularly with extreme or unexpected weather conditions, having a backup pair of shoes comes in handy. If you will be walking around most of the day, wearing comfortable shoes is essential. A smarter or dressier pair of shoes can be packed and reserved for specific business meetings or dinners. Women may choose to pack a pair of flat shoes for the day and heels for meetings or the evenings.


If you are planning a business trip and need to take certain bulky or electrical items with you, here at The Flight Case Company we have a wide range of cases specifically designed for travel. Contact us for more information and don’t forget to check out our blog for further travel tips and advice.