Many frequent flyers have a list of things that they need every time they board a plane. But we aren’t all veteran flyers and we might need a little help choosing what to take.

That’s why we’ve put together a short list of things that should join you on every flight, regardless of how long or where you’re going.

Ear plugs – If you’re on the plane for a long time, then you’re definitely going to want some shut eye at one point in the flight. But planes can be noisy places. Especially if you’re sat next to a family. Take some ear plugs along with you to drown out the sound.

You’ll be glad of it when you’re trying to find the land of nod.

Music – Even when you aren’t trying to sleep, you’ll probably want to drown out all that noise going on around you. Take an MP3 player and headphones along with you for the ride.

Or join up to one of the many music streaming services available nowadays and download a playlist to your phone. It’ll be a lifesaver.

A book – In-flight films aren’t always the best. Especially considering that you can’t take your pick. Pack a book for the ride. And whenever you get bored you can dive into that world and disappear for a while. They’re portable escape hatches.

And if you’re on a long flight then pick up an e-reader. They can hold thousands of books, so if you’re a quick reader, you won’t run out!

A water bottle – You won’t be able to take a bottle with liquid through security, but you should be able to take a bottle to fill once you’re through. Having plenty of water on the flight means that you’ll be able to keep well hydrated.

A sweater – There’s not much worse than being cold on a plane. And the temperature is forever changing.

Head onto it in a t-shirt, but take a sweater with you. Get too cold? Throw on the sweater to warm up. Too hot? Take it off!

You can enjoy the best of both worlds.