Allen and Heath Launches New Avantis Mixer

Avantis mixer Case

Allen & Heath have revealed its new 96kHz digital mixer, name Avantis - the third to be based on the XCVI FPGA engine.

The Avantis bridges the gap between the SQ and dLive formats putting all the companies next-generation technology in a standalone 64 channel / 42 configurable bus console. Complete with dual Full HD touchscreens, a super-flexible workflow with Continuity UI, extensive I/O options, add-on processing from our flagship dLive mixing system with a rugged full metal chassis.

allen & Heath Announce New Avantis Mixer

Allen & Heath's Managing Director Rob Clark said "Avantis takes many of the features that have made SQ and dLive so popular, putting them in a standalone 64-channel mixer that offers a new UI experience, connectivity with our Everything I/O ecosystem, and the dPack option which gives you access to our advanced dLive processing options if and when you need them.

"On top of that," adds Rob, "we've taken a new approach with the industrial design, coming up with a full metal chassis that’s super-strong, lightweight and looks fantastic."

The Avantis is also part of Allen & Heath’s Everything I/O ecosystem allowing true flexibility by connecting to a huge range of audio expander hardware. Ideal for owner/operators looking to build a compact system or a rental companies with existing stock.

Loaded with processing tools out of the box, the Avantis will be sure to meet most users demands and applications. Some tools include compressors, EQ's and Allen & Heath's RackExtra FX Units.

"In the gap between SQ and dLive, the mixer market is littered with 48kHz DSP-based 'old-school' consoles,” says Nic Beretta, Allen & Heath’s Head of Product. “Avantis brings next-generation performance across the board. Customers in venues, houses of worship, touring and the rental market are going to be seriously impressed by how well this ticks the boxes. It's a really exciting mixer at a compelling price."

Avantis pricing as follows:

Mixer only: USD $9,999 MSRP / EUR €9,699 MSRP

dPack add-on: USD $1,499 MSRP / EUR €1,499 MSRP

GX4816 Remote Expander: USD $3,999 MSRP / EUR €3,499 MSRP

Full details and spec can be found on Allen & Heath's Official Website:

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