You’ve checked in at the airport, you can’t wait to board the plane but it’s just been announced there’s a slight delay, what do you do?

Passing time at the airport doesn’t have to be a drag, while away the minutes with these suggestions.

Eat something – You’ve got nothing to do so why not fill your face? That should pass a little time, especially if you eat REALLY slowly! Take your time choosing your airport eatery, read the menus first, there’s no rush, take it easy for a change and enjoy a leisurely meal.

Drink something – Have a couple of cheeky drinks to get you in the holiday spirit. Don’t get wasted, just have a few snifters to take the edge off your pre-flight nerves. If you don’t fancy anything alcoholic head to a coffee shop, have something frothy and try to relax.

Visit Duty Free – Take a tour of duty and see if there are any bargains to be found. Visit the book shop, leaf through a few magazines and put them back on the shelf, come on, everybody does it so don’t be shy. 

Plane spot – See how many different types of planes take off and land, try to spot unusual makes if you can. If you have kids with you turn it into a game, pick an airline each and see how many planes land from that company. The winner is the one who ‘lands’ the most planes.

People spot – Be subtle, grab a coffee and watch the world go by. Try to guess a little about the people that pass you by at the airport. See how many interesting characters you can spot and keep your eyes peeled for celebrities that are mooching about. Plenty of famous faces breeze through airports so try to spot a celeb if you can. Look for ‘diva’s’ in massive sunglasses or guys swamped by security, the chances are they’ll be hounded and surrounded by the paparazzi.

That’s five ways to pass time at the airport, let us know your suggestions at The Flight Case Company.