Here at The Flight Case Company we are always looking for new ways to improve our cases, to provide more options for your transportation needs.

We also know that for busy people travelling from one venue to the next can be redundant time, time that in some instances could otherwise be used for shouting your product from the rooftops…or the pavements. 


So how about this solution...


We are now offering vinyl wrapped cases of any style. A smart way to display your logo and a simple way to reinforce the product you are promoting. The push doesn’t stop when you pack the goods away! 


Our cases are perfect for promotional and marketing campaigns of all types. Here are some examples of our latest products built for Early Times ‘Fire Eater’ Drinks.


These cases are made from robust 6.5mm ply, have smart, telescopic pullout handles, recessed wheels, custom internal foam work and all use the best UK Hardware.


Bespoke and branded cases are a perfect solution for showing off a great new product.


Flight Case Branding


Flight Case Vinyl Wrapped