iMac Carrying Solutions.The Bag Blog.

Around 5 years ago we decided to create the iMac Carry Bag as a creative solution for the growing field of professionals and folk who just cannot do without their iMac by their side on and off the road.

As experienced end users in the Flight Case Company we knew we had to come up with something practical, robust and value for money as an addition to our already large repertoire of storage options.

Our first design was a square shape to which we then added a sloping front. Apple then came to a similar design conclusion with regards to their packaging for the iMac (not saying but…:) we knew we were on the right track..this was further evidenced by the fact that Apples’ own service dept in Covent Garden, London were and still are using our NSP bags to transport their iMacs..

The carry bag is something we continue to improve and upgrade on a yearly basis. The latest version is made from Nylon. It features foamed (removable) internal boards for protection, re-inforced stitching, robust zips on either side of an opening front flap with a strong velcro seal at the top.  It has heavy duty, woven carry handles as well as a padded shoulder strap and a large front pocket made to size for the iMac keyboard and mouse. This bag is smart, functional and good value.