Case Studies

  1. (Flight) Case Study - Mallow & Marsh Custom Retail Cases

    (Flight) Case Study - Custom Retail Case for Mallow & Marsh

    November 2019

    It's been a busy few months from attending Plasa Show (read our Plasa Show Recap here) to working with a range of new clients and building a whole load of exciting cases (yes, they can be exciting!). However, we thought we would showcase these Custom Retail Flight Cases we built for Mallow and Marsh.

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  2. (Flight) Case Study - Custom Coffee Station

    (Flight) Case Study - Custom Barista Flight Case

    June 2019 Round Up

    With another busy month behind us, we thought we would give a quick update on what's been happening here at NSP Cases and showcase this amazing Custom Barista Flight Case.

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  3. The Perfect Solution to keeping your Apple products safe

    Flight Cases: The Perfect Solution to keeping your Apple products safe

    No matter whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, a primary concern is always the safety and security of your valuable Apple electrical equipment. We rely heavily on our devices for everything from finding our way from A to B to contacting relatives at home, and it’s never enough to simply rely on your travel insurance should items get damaged. Losing access to contacts, emails, information and location services - even for a few hours - can prove disastrous, so we understand that protecting these more fragile items of luggage is very much a priority.

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  4. What Makes a Good Flight Case?

    What makes a good Flightcase?

    If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to choosing a flightcase to protect your precious belonging be them band equipment or gadgets, look no further than The Flightcase Company!

    We have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in manufacturing flightcases, we can even tailor them to suit your specific and unique needs.

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  5. How to Choose Apple Flightcases?

    Choosing Apple flight cases has never been easier than it is here at NSP Cases! If you’re a freelancer or someone who’s always on the move from one conference to the next, you could seriously benefit from one of our apple flightcases. But what is an Apple flightcase?

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