Choosing a flight case in 2018: Where to start?

If you’re looking at equipment and think that it needs protecting further, why not consider one of our flight cases from NSP – The Flight Case Company? All of the flight cases we supply are customised to suit your exact requirements.

These bespoke flight cases are manufactured to suit your exact specifications, so you needn’t worry about finding something suitable. Our flight cases are a well-worth investment to make, not only allowing you to protect your valuable items securely, but making it possible for you to display your belongings professionally.

Here at NSP – The Flight Case Company, we can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to protecting your musical instruments, sporting equipment and electrical devices- what better time to invest in our flight cases than the new year?

Discussion of needs.

Before you choose a flight case, we recommend speaking to our team of experts. They will be able to help you to find exactly what you need to maintain the quality of your equipment. Any design ideas that you have will be discussed, ensuring that you find a high-quality solution.

Made to measure.

If you want your flight case to hold your valuables securely, you need to make sure that you accurately measure your items. For us at NSP – The Flight Case Company, accuracy is key. We provide the custom flight cases to suit your exact requirements, so be sure to choose something suitable!


Using specialist CAD software, we can manufacture flight cases for your valuable belongings, ensuring that they suit your stylish needs. Instead of taking pen to paper, we design flight cases digitally, with CAD software.

Making the most of the latest technology; we can create the most outstanding solution for protecting your personal possessions.

Cut to size.

Here at NSP – The Flight Case Company, we use innovative tools to cut all designs precisely, offering unbeatable quality.

With a complete range of flight cases to choose from, including Apple cases, music cases and screen cases, we’re confident that you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice, protecting any expensive equipment

that you got for Christmas! No matter which type of flight case you require, you can rest assured that it’s tailored to your specifications, enabling you to transport your belongings with ease.


In terms of assembly, the flight cases that we supply are quick and easy, making it much more convenient for you. Our flight cases are manufactured in-house by our team of trusted experts. It’s the responsibility of our experts to test your products before dispatching them, ensuring that they are in fine working condition!


Once we have completed your flight cases and checked them, we will dispatch them to you as soon as possible. As with any of the products we supply, our flight cases are manufactured to the highest quality – they provide an ideal alternative for travelling with your expensive products, making sure that they are protected from various impacts.

When choosing flight cases, you can rest assured that our bespoke flight cases are designed to be creative, meeting and exceeding your requirements.

Made to last.

All of the flight cases we manufacture are made to last. Not only are they created using the highest quality materials, they ultimately protect your valuables, making sure that they maintain their quality.

Our flight cases are ideal for preventing damage and destruction, enabling you to get your money’s worth. Regardless of what size or style you choose, NSP – The Flight Case make sure that your flight case is complete, providing you with a functional yet stylish solution for storing and transporting your equipment in one piece.

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