If you’ve flown on a plane a couple of times, you probably think you’ve got it down. You know what’s going on. It’s safe. You’re well taken care of. It’s clean.

But do you know that the chances of your plane being struck by lightning are pretty high?

Here we’re going to look at a few secrets of flying you probably weren’t’ aware of.

They’re struck by lightning

You’d think that when a plane you’re on is struck by lightning you’d know about it, right? Not so much. Planes are struck fairly regularly and it’s never anything to worry about. The last time a bolt caused an incident was way back in 1967 when the fuel tank exploded.

And there have been a lot of advancements since then.

The captain can arrest you (sort of)

Once those plane doors are shut, the captain of the plane has a lot of authority. He can quickly arrange for the authorities to be ready and waiting when the plane lands to make an arrest. There are some rumours floating around that the captain can arrest you himself, but this doesn’t look to be true.

Still, he has the ultimate authority while you’re in the air. Don’t make him angry.

Pilots fall asleep when flying

The last thing you want when thousands of feet in the air is your pilot falling asleep. But they do. And quite often apparently.

A survey showed that a huge chunk of pilots admitted to falling asleep. On longer flights though, pilots are assigned rest periods while their co-pilot takes control.

Your oxygen mask gives you 15 minutes

One thing onboard that can help calm your nerves is knowing that you have your oxygen mask ready. It’s only got 15 minutes of air though.

Don’t panic.

When the oxygen masks are released the pilot starts to descend to an altitude where you can breathe normally. This descent usually takes between 10-20 minutes, so you should be fine.

Don’t drink the water

It’s important that you stay hydrated in-flight, but avoid the water onboard unless it’s coming from a bottle. The areas that purge the lavatory water and refill the plane with water are next to each other, and sometimes the same guy cleans the both of them out.

A test done on tap water from different flights in America found bacteria hundreds of times above the government limits.

The next time you board a plane, give these 5 things a thought. Not everything onboard is at it seems...