Today, flying is a pretty routine thing. Thousands of flights occur each day transporting people to a holiday destination, a work meeting, or a family get together. So you’d think most people know pretty much all there is to know about flying.

Well not quite. Here are five things you didn’t know about travelling by air...

Planes are often struck by lightning

You’d think that if you’re on a plane and it’s struck by lightning it’d be pretty catastrophic right? Well not really. Planes are struck on a fairly regular basis, and it’s never usually anything to worry about.

It last caused an accident in 1967 when a fuel tank exploded. Planes are now equipped to deal with such an event, meaning you’re as safe as possible.

Your oxygen masks give you just 15 minutes

It’s nice to know that you have an oxygen mask ready to drop down in front of you when you need it, isn’t it?

But did you know that these masks can only provide around 15-20 minutes of air?

They’re supposed to be used if the cabin pressure falls in the aircraft. If this event unfolds, the pilot will descent to an altitude where the masks aren’t needed. This descent should not take any longer than 15 minutes. So really, you have enough to survive!

The air you’re breathing is from the engines

The air your breath on board an aeroplane is actually compressed air taken from the engines. That air leaves the plane through a small hole in the back of the fuselage.

You aren’t breathing air from the engine’s exhaust though, just its compressors. The compressors are designed to warm and pressurise air from outside the plane, this is then circulated throughout the cabin.

Pilots fall asleep when flying

A survey showed that between 43 and 54 percent of pilots surveyed in the UK, Sweden, and Norway admitted to falling asleep while flying. Thankfully, autopilot is usually taking control mid-flight.

Pilots are served two different meals

Both pilots get a different meal that they cannot share to avoid both getting food poisoning. It’s a smart idea, but it might not be the case for all airlines.

So there you go. Five things you never knew about flying! It’s still one of the safest modes of transport though, so don’t worry.