Bags are checked in, your boarding pass has been handed to you, now all you need to do is wait.

Airports are often a dull affair. You’re either waiting to jet off on holiday, or to come home. They’re limbo.

And if your flight is delayed, they can become even more hellish.

To help ensure that you don’t pull your hair out in the waiting lounge, here are five ways to kill time at the airport.


Waiting lounges in airports aren’t the most exciting places, so why not transport yourself somewhere else with a book? If you have a few hours to kill, then a book is bound to help you whittle away some time.

Most airports have foreign language books amongst their stock too. So if you haven’t brought your kindle or book along, there’ll be plenty of bestsellers to choose from.


If you’re on layover and waiting for your next flight, or find that your muscles have cramped up from all the waiting, why not hit the gym?

Most airport hotels have gym facilities that are open 24 hours a day, and day passes are usually available.

No gym?

That’s no excuse. Go for a walk around the airport. Stretch your muscles.

Just don’t run though. That’ll only arouse the suspicion of a guard!


If there’s one thing airports are good for, it’s people-watching. You don’t just have to sit there and watch them though. Try and make a game of it. Figure out where each person’s going, and what they’re going there for.

Use your tech

You have either a smartphone or a tablet with you. We know you do. This is the 21st century!

If it has enough battery, or if you have backup, put it to use entertaining you. Listen to music, play a game, or jump on airport WIFI and read the news.

Start up a conversation

If you’re travelling alone, spending time waiting for delayed flights can be especially boring.

Try and spot other lonely travellers and strike up a conversation with them. With someone to talk to the hours will fly by. You could even hit the airport bar or cafe together!

Do you have any tricks to pass the time in the airport?

Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.