Are you one of the many thousands of passengers that feels a bit fearful once you have checked your flight case in at the airport?

If so, you have our sympathy at The Flight Case Company and we’d like to help you in some way if we can. We’ve taken a look at solutions and devised the following list of ideas that might just help you settle in your seat. Hope you find some comfort from the following.


  • Check out the statistics: Look at the safety record for flying. You are more likely to be involved in a car accident or get hit by a bus than you are being involved in some type of air incident. So enjoy the flight, just don’t drive to the airport or stand too close to a bus at the departure terminal.
  • Distract your mind: Make sure you take enough things with you to keep you distracted on the flight. Use all the apps on your phone, download a few e-books, fill the memory card with music and don’t forget to take your earphones. Pay a visit to duty free before you board the plane and buy a few glossy magazines, they’ll keep you focused as you flip from page to page.
  • Try meditating: Sit back in your seat, close your eyes and let the cares of the world melt away. Take your mind away from the plane, imagine a bronzed hunk is rubbing sun lotion into your shoulders or a babe in a bikini is smiling at you from the poolside bar. 
  • Talk to fellow passengers: If you are flying solo try to strike up a conversation with the person sat next to you, if they’re cute it’s a bit of bonus. Don’t let your mouth run away though and talk about how you hate flying, just be relaxed, enjoy the chat, and you’ll hardly notice those air miles fly by.