So you have spent thousands on your guitar. It’s your beloved instrument.

When it comes to travelling though, most people prefer to leave their gear at home. They don’t want to risk it becoming damaged in transit. It’s a risky business!

Well fear not my musician friend. I’m going to give you some hints and tips to travelling with your guitar. So next time you’re going away, you can take the axe with you.

Loosen up

Think of the tension that the strings of your guitar have on its neck. Now think of the time you’re going to be travelling. The change in temperature in that time can have a massively adverse effect on your instrument.

If you leave everything strung tight you might land at your destination, open your guitar case and find that it’s snapped.

If you don’t want this to happen (which I’m sure you don’t) make sure you down tune the strings so that they’re loose on the neck.

Pack it in

During travel your guitar case is going to take a few knocks. You may have to endure a heavy handed taxi driver throwing your guitar in the boot. To make sure that the instrument isn’t flying about inside the case pack any gaps with t-shirts, socks or any other item of clothing.

Not only will it help keep your guitar steady in transit, but it’ll give a little more room in your suitcase.

The Case

Whilst we’re on the topic of the case let’s look at which is best. Gig bags are okay for travel on a bus or in a car. But on a plane they’re a complete no-go. They’re too soft. If the baggage handlers load up heavy suitcases on top of your flimsy gig bag your guitar will be crushed like soft pastry.

Get hold of a sturdy hard case. There are plenty on the market designed for different shaped instruments.

Do you want your guitar turned into kindling?

Didn’t think so!

Know the Airline

First and foremost, travel with an airline you trust. If you have flown with them before and know they’re reliable you’re going to be much more confident in them handling your guitar.

Secondly you need to make sure that they allow instruments to be taken on board as a carry on. Having it with you on the plane is much better than it in the cargo hold.

You can always keep your eye on it.