How Can I Protect My Apple Products on a Flight?

Placing your valuables in a suitcase for a flight is a famously risky prospect. Despite the best efforts of ground teams and the promises of airlines, accidents happen, and many people have retrieved their belongings at the baggage claim only to find a chipped MacBook or a cracked iPhone screen – and then faced an arduous task to get the device replaced or repaired.

As a result, many people choose to use a protective flight case for their valuables, helping to protect them from the bumps and bangs which are an unfortunate risk on air travel. However, with some items – especially slim Apple products – it is possible to bounce around inside the protective case, still risking some damage.

The answer is to find a case which is specially made to accommodate these slim devices, and at The Flight Case Company, our Apple Flight Cases are exactly what you’re looking for.

Perfect Fit

The Apple Flight Cases from the Flight Case Company are specially made to fit any Apple product like a glove. Case solutions are available for a huge range of Apple devices, including Apple iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro, and any sort of iPad, among dozens of others. Each case is made to perfectly accommodate that particular device, ensuring a custom-fit especially made to guarantee a snug fit, firm hold and overall protection.

The inner lining and cavity in the case are made from shock-absorbing foam, helping to prevent the transmission of shock waves from impacts and bumps and cushioning the device against moving inside the case.

Tough Casing

The snuggest, most exact fit in the world isn’t going to protect a device is the case itself is weak, so the Apple Flight Case range at The Flight Case Company is designed with tough, hardy outer casing designed to resist impacts, drops and bumps, protecting the delicate Apple product inside.

If you want something lighter and slimmer for everyday use, like a carry case, then soft cases are also available. These cases, which can be made to fit a Mac Mini or iPad, don’t have the same hard exterior, and so are more vulnerable to impacts, although they still sport the impact-resistant foam and a tough fabric exterior which make them significantly more protective than an ordinary carry case.


Our Apple Flight Cases are sturdy and tough, but they are also built to be easily transportable and convenient, with many of them incorporating handles, wheels or carry straps to allow simple movement and prevent any hassle. We aim to make our cases as easy to use as possible.


If you can’t find what you need in our existing range, you don’t need to go without the incredible protection a custom case can offer. Instead, just get in touch on 01622 724900 or email [email protected] to ask about having a case custom-made – we’ll be happy to craft