You have mixed emotions when you have a flight booked at the airport. Part of you is excited about the journey, but there’s always a niggling doubt about what you are about to leave behind.

Home security is one of these issues. Fly away on holiday for example and you could be leaving your property for weeks at a time, which could be a security risk. Take preventative measures before you leave though and this should put your mind at rest.

Our home security tips for going away include:

1.) Using timers around the home

Setting up timers to activate lights and switch on radios creates the impression you’re currently at home. Stagger switch on times, so lights downstairs in the property come on independently of the lighting upstairs and this looks like you are moving around the home. Timers are useful tools and they’re not very expensive to buy.   

2.) Cancelling doorstep deliveries

Make sure you cancel milk, bread and other doorstep deliveries before you head off to the airport. Fail to do this and it’s pretty obvious nobody is at home when pints start piling up. 

3.) Asking neighbours to check on your property

If you get on well with your neighbours or have family living close by, ask if they wouldn’t mind checking up on your property whilst you are away. Depending on trust levels, you could leave them with a key, or at the very least, they could take a peek through the windows to make sure everything is okay. 

4.) Don’t announce it online

Social media is a great place to announce your business to pals. It’s also the place where total strangers can read your posts and use this to their advantage. Advertise your holiday online and tell the world when you are going away and you never know how many shares this is going to have or how many people will end up reading it.  

5.) Keep curtains open

This is always a tricky one. Do you leave curtains open or closed when you go away? The temptation is to close them to prevent people from peering in but that can look a little suspicious. How many people do you know keep their curtains closed for two weeks at a time? We suggest leaving curtains open as you normally would when you are at home. At least this way it doesn’t look too suspicious during the day and it also gives your neighbours the opportunity to peek inside and check everything’s okay whilst you are away.  

Try these tips the next time you go to the airport. Fly away with peace of mind.