You get a lifetime guarantee with our custom built gun cases and the interior has a bespoke, CNC foam insert that matches the shape and the size of your rifle so it’ll be nice and snug during its travels.

Safety is the biggest issue when you are transporting guns, if they fall into the wrong hands they become dangerous weapons. Therefore, we thought we’d take a closer look at this issue and offer our advice on the subject, follow this practical guidance to transporting a rifle in your car.    

How to keep your rifle safe when you transport it in a vehicle

  1. Don’t leave the rifle unattended - If you plan on leaving the vehicle unattended for any reason it’s best to take the gun case with you. Rifles should never be left on their own in car for prolonged periods of time, the vehicle could be stolen with the gun inside. 
  2. Disable the gun - Remove an essential part of the rifle during transportation, this could be the bolt for example. Immobilise the gun until you are ready to use it, keep the parts on you and reassemble the rifle when you arrive at your destination.
  3. Lock the rifle out of sight – Only leave a rifle unattended in a car if this is unavoidable. If you do have to leave the vehicle temporarily make sure the gun is out of sight, the car is locked and the alarm and immobiliser are active. Try to keep your eyes on the car at all times. 
  4. Keep the ammunition separate – Store the ammunition out of sight and away from the gun, never keep the two together.
  5. Fit security devices – If you regularly take your rifle to a gun club use a gun case or fit a safe, cage or cable to your vehicle’s structure so you can secure the gun inside the car and keep it secure.