Hopefully if you are reading this blog you love the look of our products at the Flight Case Company and are just about to purchase one our fabulous iPad cases.

Congratulations if you are, you’ve made a wise decision and your shiny new case should provide you with many years of pleasure. If, for any reason, you choose to shop elsewhere for an iPad case (please don’t!) we’ve compiled a brief guide of what we think is important in the design of a flight case.  Read this article for tips on what to look for when you buy a protective case and it should provide you with stacks of trouble-free service.

  • Exterior build quality: We make our iPad tablet case out of 7mm plywood and it’s covered in a tough white laminate exterior which gives it a stylish appearance. There’s a black hexaboard option too and both versions have steel corners to protect them from getting knocked and rocked about. A flight case needs to have a durable exterior so insist on hard wearing materials when you are choosing a new case.
  • Lockable latches: The last thing you want is the latches on your iPad case flying open when your tablet is in transit, it could fall out and get damaged on the floor. So keep it safe and secure and pick a case that has locking latches to prevent nasty incidents in the future.
  • Foam lining: Your tablet has to sit snug during its travels so a custom made foam lining is a must. Ideally the iPad should fit perfectly inside the lining so check the dimensions of the foam and the cut-out that’s inside.
  • Storage: Look for plenty of storage inside the case for the power cable and any accessories that you might want to use. Hidden storage is best, tucked away under the tablet and out of sight when you open the case.

Our storage cases come with all of the above and more so take a closer look if you want to protect your iPad during its travels.