Whether you are touring with a band, travelling with a performing arts group, or going away on a business trip, keeping your technical and electronic equipment safe is essential.

At The Flight Case Company we offer cases for all kinds of Audio Visual equipment, from your computer and photography gear, to large performance equipment. There are a few tips you can follow to keep your equipment safe from damage and theft.


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Find a suitable case

When you are shopping for a case to transport and protect your equipment there are some things you should consider:

  • Purpose
  • Measurements
  • Mobility
  • Usability
  • Additional storage features


All of the flight cases we sell fasten securely with lockable latches, and will protect against water damage, scratches, and dents, fitting your equipment into a well padded or lined holding. Depending on what you need there are cases with wheels, fold-up handles, and inner storage pockets. Also, for more specific equipment there may be additional features such as fold-out surfaces to display or hold your equipment. If you can’t find the right product visit our Custom Page and we will make it for you!




Insure your equipment

It goes without saying that when you travel with bulky and expensive items you should always remember to insure them. Many travel insurance companies will be able to offer specific quote packages for technical and electronic items. Do your research and find the best and most appropriate deal for your items.


Back up your files before you go

If you are taking computers or devices with storage capacities it is crucial that all your files are backed up. Have a copy of important information and documents on an external hard-drive or USB which could even be taken along with you too. It is also an idea to encrypt any private or confidential information in the case that your equipment goes astray.




Avoid using branded stickers

Once you have your flight cases sorted, think carefully about how you might decorate them, if at all. Covering them in large branded stickers can make them a target for theft. Touring bands, performance companies, and large-scale businesses may like to promote on their cases but be wise about the information you display. Advertising the value of your items or business will attract unwanted attention. But...


Have relevant identification

In the event that your equipment is lost or stolen during the travelling process, you should at least include a small sticker or tag with relevant identification details. Before you travel, it is wise to keep a comprehensive record of all of the equipment you will be taking, with specific details of makes, models, serial numbers, and other important information. This should help track your item in this scenario.


airport check in 


Check your airport’s terms

Turning up at the airport to find that the airline will not allow you to travel with certain items is incredibly frustrating. Avoid any last minute panic by always checking the terms of an airport and airline before you book tickets.


Find information on weight restrictions and additional fees when transporting bulky and heavy duty items. There may even be more specific terms for technical and electronic equipment which you will need to be clear on. Register your equipment when you book your travel, and make sure you research all airports and airlines if you plan on touring and making multiple journeys.


Have a look through our full range of flight cases at The Flight Case Company and let us help you find the right case for your equipment and travel requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone or email with any queries.