There are many real-life horror stories of professional musicians having their musical instruments damaged during transportation. If you are a music artist, can you think of anything worse than this? You can’t allow your beautiful musical equipment to get spoiled in any way. The Flight Case Company supply specialist custom flight cases and we offer a wide selection of music cases for you to choose from. Whatever instrument you play, or regardless of the equipment that you use, we are certain that you will find the right type of music case for you.


Music Flight Cases

Why can you trust that your musical equipment will be fully protected by using our music flight cases? All our products are tough and hardwearing, using lightweight, strong materials, so that it’s easier to handle. We know how essential it is to protect your gear and the high-quality foam inserts keeps your equipment securely in place, to prevent any possible damage. We are so confident in our music equipment cases that they come with a lifetime guarantee. So, what types of cases can we offer you? Here are just three examples:


Keyboard Cases

Are you a keyboard artist? Whether you play in a band or you’re a solo musician, you want to protect your prized possession, especially when travelling from one place to another. All our keyboard cases are designed to offer the maximum level of protection using heavy duty Penn Elcom fittings. This is a world renown brand which helps to keep your keyboard safe and secure. Our music cases are custom built, so you can specify what features and designs that you need, if required.


Guitar Flight Cases

As a guitarist or bass player, your instrument of choice is fragile, particularly around the neck area. The thought of your guitar or bass being scratched, dented, or even worse is unthinkable. Our guitar and bass flight cases are designed using Plywood and Hexaboard, which is extremely tough, as well as scratch and water resistant. The quality foam inserts can be contoured to fit your instrument, so that it securely envelopes and protects it. With these music cases, you can guarantee that your music equipment will reach its destination unharmed.


Amp Flight Cases

How much have you spent on your amp head? This could have cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds to get the type of sound and power that you need when performing. These amp flight cases also come with a lifetime warranty, so you know that you are buying absolute quality. The Plywood that we use is 7mm thick for toughness, along with black scratch resistant laminate for extra protection. The foam lining is 18mm thick, which will provide more than enough protection to keep your amp head secure. These heavy-duty cases are unbeatable and will perform year after year.


These are just a small selection of the huge number of music flight cases that we can offer you. Would you like more information? You can contact us here on our website, or you can call us today on 01622 724900 – we look forward to hearing from you.