Electronic keyboards are fairly easy to live with, as long as you look after them and treat them with care they’ll provide you with many years of playing pleasure.

Whether you play a keyboard for fun or form part of a band, simple care tips should keep your instrument in great shape. We’ve come up with this list of suggestions a The Flight Case Company to keep your keyboard looking great and sounding brilliant at all times.

Cleaning – Keyboards don’t require any specialist cleaning, their cases are simple to wipe down with a clean soft cloth to remove dust and other debris. Leave a keyboard on display and a quick wipe down every other day will keep dust at bay. You can always use a small, handheld vacuum to clean dust from in between the keys, or try a small canister of compressed air to blow dust particles away.

General care – Treat a keyboard with same respect as you would any electronic device. Don’t subject it to extreme levels of heat or cold, this might affect the sensitive components inside the keyboard. Avoid leaving the keyboard in strong sunlight for prolonged periods of team, especially if it has plastic casing which could warp or bend. Be careful with food or drink near keyboards too, spill something onto the keys and this could seep inside the instrument and cause untold damage.

Transporting the keyboard – Always use a sturdy case to transport the keyboard in. This will protect the instrument during its travels. Take our flight cases for example. We have 61, 76 and 88 note keyboard cases to suit all popular makes and models. Our cases provide the highest level of protection and they are custom made to fit each instrument perfectly. If you need to travel and want to take your keyboard with you pack it inside a purpose made flight case and your instrument will be fine.