We’re pretty proud of the quality and the durability of our road trunks at The Flight Case Company, pack your kit inside one of our tough little cases and you know it’s going to be fine when it arrives at its destination.

Mention the word trunk around the globe through and depending on where you are it could have multiple meanings. In fact, the word has numerous connotations and depending on the setting or the scenario ‘trunk’ could relate to a number to a number objects, we can think of a few right off the top of our heads.

Road trunk – We had to mention this one first because this is what we do! We supply rugged road trunks and we’re rather good at it, our trunks are tough and they can handle the rigours of life on the road. Bands and music moguls rely on our transport solution, it’s a case of picking the best case and our trunks are some of the best in the industry.

Tree trunk – Here’s another use for the word trunk, relating to trees this time. A trunk is the main wooden axis of a tree, it’s the bit you climb up when you’re little before you clamber across the branches.

Elephant trunk – Large, grey mammals have trunks too, we’re talking elephants here that have a ‘proboscis’ or a nose to you and me. This is their feeler, they’re way of drinking and spraying water, they can touch with a trunk, pick food up with it, sound a ‘trumpet’ and even use the trunk as a snorkel underwater.

Trunk route – Ever heard somebody mention a trunk road? This is a major road that connects major cities, they’re classes as dual carriageways or motorways.

Car trunk – In the UK people refer to the luggage area of their car as the boot. In the US prefer to use the phrase trunk.

As you can see there are various uses for the word trunk, we’re used to the term because road trunks are our bag. Can you think of any other meanings where the term trunk might be used?