With NAMM 2018 finished for another year, we take a quick look at a few products that caught our attention at this years show.

NAMM 2018

With another NAMM event wrapped up its time to reflect & absorb the overwhelming amount of new products that were announced, released and demoed over the course of the weekend.

Blogs and retailers have been frantically trying to keep up to date with the announcements and first looks of new products as manufacturers excitedly released details to the worldwide audience.

Of course, there was so much more than we will be covering here but we take a quick look at some of our favourite announcements.

Boss GT-1000

Release Date - Mid March 2018.

”Industry leading tone with breakthrough boss technology.’ - BOSS

Boss released their new guitar effects processor featuring the latest in technological innovations. Debuting the groundbreaking Augmented Impulse Response Dynamic (AIRD) technology, this system “brings unparalleled musical response and flexibility to a digital guitar processor” (-BOSS) by simulating real tube amps.

On top of this, the GT-1000 is equipped with a range of BOSS effects to help enhance your tones. Adjusting sounds has been made easy and convenient with built in Bluetooth allowing the user to adjust sounds and configure controls from a mobile device.

Boss would be considered a brand that already dominates the pedal market but with this new GT-1000 and the features it boasts this could see them taking an even bigger slice of the pedal market pie.

View the Boss GT-1000 Flight Case

Nord Electro 6

Release Date - March 2018.

Nord are set to release the Electro 6 range for the upcoming year. Combining their “award-winning emulations of vintage electro mechanical and acoustic instruments in an ultra-portable package.” - NORD.

Looking set to be the most powerful and flexible yet, the electro 6 ranges boasts a range of updates and features.

Offering seamless transitions between sounds and programmes changes, 6 split points with crossfade between split points and 3 part multitimbral giving you the ability to split all 3 keyboard sections.

On top of this, a brand new interface and organise mode for quick arrangement of programmes, sounds & pages to get them just how you like. Of course, we are only skimming the details here but it is set to prove popular with their realistic sounds and incredible performance features.

The Nord Electro 6 will be coming in three versions, the Electro 6D 61, 6D 73 and 6 HP.

View the Nord Electro 6 Flight Case Range

Pioneer DDJ-1000 Controller

Release Date - Mid February 2018.

Looking at the new DDJ-1000 and you may see some familiarities with other Pioneer controllers but the DDJ-1000 does have some additional new features that are set to enhance the rekordbox dj performance software.

Featuring a professional layout, the Pioneer DDJ-1000 is portable and compact which makes it perfect for any event.

All new high definition LCD screens on each jog wheel allow you to keep an eye on track information only revealing what you need to see such as BPM or playback position, eliminating the need to look at your laptop/other device.

Keeping a similar feel to club standard CDJ and DJM equipment means the transition to using the device is seamless. the DDJ-1000 is designed to take advantage of the new rekordbox features including the related track feature, providing more options to match what you are currently playing.

Bringing a huge number of new features, this compact controller sets to be a powerful solution for any performance.

View the Pioneer DDJ-1000 Flight Case

Line 6 Helix HX Effects Processor

Release Date - Mid February 2018.

The Line 6 Helix HX is a compact unit which streamlines its range of functions to include the effects models only. This is perfect for guitarists who prefer ‘real’ amps on stage and only require a no-nonsense effects board with access to a huge range of tones.

Not to say this compact unit isn’t crammed with capabilities with over 100 effects from the Helix hardware and software processors. Allowing the user to run up to 9 effects simultaneously means the Helix HX offers endless possibilities to the player.

Not looking to break the bank, the Helix HX can easily fit in with your pre-existing pedal set up or could easily stand alone if you are looking for a more compact set-up.

View the Line 6 Helix HX Flight Case

Of course, the show as a whole showcased 100’s of products, each impressive in their own right and we wish we had time to really discuss them all. You can, however, let us know your thoughts on our social media channels.

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