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  1. Business As Usual..

    Here at NSP Cases we are still operating as normal whilst remaining within any protocols and recommended guidelines from the government.

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  2. 8 Tips to Maintain Your Workspace

    As the unpredictability of the current climate takes hold, many businesses may see themselves propelled into an unpredicted quiet period. However, this time can still be used to benefit your company and we have 8 tips to help Maintain Your Workspace.

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  3. Autosports, Awards + More - Autosport International Show Recap

    Autosport International Show Recap

    So a week has passed since the Autosport International Show 2020 and what a great four days it was.

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  4. Plasa Show 2019 - A Quick Recap

    Plasa 2019 Show Recap

    It has been 2 weeks since Plasa 2019 officially ended and what a great show it was this year.

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  5. We are excited to announce our 3D Case Designer

    3D Case Designer is Now Live

    We're very excited to officially launch our 3D Case Designer. We've spent the past 18 months developing this from the ground up with incredible features.

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  6. A fresh new look.

    NSP Cases is driven by hugely creative individuals, continually improving and growing by utilising the latest technology to our advantage. We’re a fast-paced company; quick to react within the industry. Always evolving and never caught standing around.

    We hope you’ll agree that the latest updates to our branding reflect everything that NSP has to offer. Creativity, innovation and professionalism.

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  7. Travelling Musician


    Snippets of the UK Music Industry

    The UK Creative industry employs 8.8% of total UK jobs.

    UK musicians tour 39 different countries yearly, on an average.

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  8. Why Choose NSP Cases

    Why Choose NSP Cases for Bespoke Flight Cases?

    If you’re looking for a bespoke flight case, look no further than NSP Cases.

    We have a range of flight cases available but why should you choose NSP Cases?

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  9. Choosing a flight case in 2018: Where to start?

    Choosing a flight case in 2018: Where to start?

    If you’re looking at equipment and think that it needs protecting further, why not consider one of our flight cases from NSP – The Flight Case Company? All of the flight cases we supply are customised to suit your exact requirements.

    These bespoke flight cases are manufactured to suit your exact specifications, so you needn’t worry about finding something suitable. Our flight cases are a well-worth investment to make, not only allowing you to protect your valuable items securely, but making it possible for you to display your belongings professionally.

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  10. Finding a flight case for the New Year

    Finding a flight case for the New Year

    After the Christmas period, you may be looking for a protective solution for your expensive equipment, if this is the case, you’re in capable hands with NSP Cases! The flight cases that we supply are all tailored to suit your exact requirements with regards to shape and size.

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