Airport travel is stressful. There’s all the packing to think about, you have to take certain documents with you to be able to fly, and just getting to the airport can be an eventful journey.

Life shouldn’t be this stressful. Ideally when you check in at the airport you should do so with a smile on your face, not stand there with a face like thunder feeling like you are about to have a coronary at any point.

Let’s make this simple. From here on in, attempt to do all of this before you fly and you might actually enjoy the experience.

Pack in Advance

Getting the packing out of the way before the day of your departure is guaranteed to reduce your stress levels.  Only insane people leave it until the very last minute to pack their case, this is the moment they find out they haven’t got enough beach towels, or their bikini bottoms are missing, and there’s no time left to buy replacement items.

Pack in plenty of time. At the very least, you’ll be glad of this when you try to close the case.

Have transfer arrangements in place

Simply getting to the airport can be an eventful process. If you are planning on driving, make sure you allow for plenty of time, taking into consideration traffic jams and unforeseen diversions you might have to make. 

Or if you are booking a taxi to take you to the airport, do this the day before and ask the cab company to confirm your taxi is on the way on the day you fly.

Remember to eat something

How exciting is it when you fly away on holiday? The chances are there’ll be the occasional butterfly fluttering around inside your stomach and there might even be the odd nerve or two setting in, but try to remember to eat something before you fly.

Not eating can make you irritable. This in turn could lead to stress. Try to relax and have a light meal prior to arriving at the airport, once you have checked in, go for a quick drink and simply chill.   

Flying doesn’t have to be stressful. Prepare for the trip by taking these measures and you might enjoy the pre-flight experience for once.