Protecting Your Instruments with Music Cases

For many musicians, the idea of flying with their instruments is a nightmare. The horror stories of broken guitars, damaged DJ decks and busted pedalboards may keep any musician firmly rooted to the ground, but if a tour or show calls for air travel, there may not be another choice. Despite the constant work done by airports and ground teams to protect their customer’s belongings, accidents do happen, but luckily, there are ways to protect your equipment from damaging bumps and falls.

A custom music case from NSP Cases can make a world of difference when travelling with your equipment, whether you’re just bringing a guitar or packing amps, keyboards, drums and the entire backline for a show. With amp cases specially made to accommodate a range of amp heads and cabinets, including Orange, Fender and Marshall amps among others, and a range of hard cases for any instruments you may wish to take with you, you’ll be able to travel in confidence, knowing your equipment is protected.

Amp Cases

Protect your amps with a hard case from NSP Cases. Made to fit perfectly around a range of amp heads and cabinets, our hard cases come with handles and wheels to make it easier to move your heavier equipment around, and make them easier to load and unload from a vehicle, reducing the risk of an accident.

With a snug fit around your amp and a layer of shock-absorbing foam, you can rest easy knowing that your amps have the best armour available.

Guitar Cases, Bass Guitar Cases and Keyboard Cases

A musician’s instrument is an extension of them – and is often the most valuable piece of equipment that they are bringing with them. However, they are also frequently broken on flights or during transit, so they need the best protection available. Whether you’re transporting a guitar, a bass guitar, a keyboard, or any other type of instrument, a Music Case from NSP Cases can help you to protect it. Perfect for transport but equally good in providing safety and peace of mind when simply storing the instrument in its everyday storage space, these hard cases can be made to your specifications and kitted out with fitted shock-absorbing foam that will hug your instrument’s contours and protect it from any damage. To have a case custom-made to your specifications, simply call 01622 724900 or email [email protected] to ask about what we can do for you!

Pedalboard Cases

A pedalboard is an expression of the musician’s sound and is pieced together diligently to make sure of a unique, expressive range of abilities – but this makes it vulnerable to damage, or even simply to coming apart inside an ill-fitting case as the result of impacts or clumsy handling. Protect your pedalboard from this danger with a specially-made close-fitting pedal board case from NSP Cases.

Drum Cases

Drums are traditionally difficult to transport because of their bulky size, awkward centres of gravity, thin shells, delicate mechanisms and adjustable segments. Without dedicated drum cases, it is easy for these problems to result in bumped or damaged drums and equipment, so a good casing solution

is necessary for any touring drummer. In addition to this, these cases – like the custom hard drum cases from NSP Cases – are also excellent choices for day-to-day storage. To speak to us about your requirements and see how NSP Cases can help you, call us today on 01622 724900 or email [email protected]!