Use one of our road trunk flight cases and as long as you pack it and stow it correctly it shouldn’t give you any problems, no matter how far it has to travel.

There are sensible steps you can take to ensure the case stays safe and sound during its travels and we’ve listed a few suggestions in our latest blog.

Get the right case for the right product – Cases can be custom built to meet your requirements, you can order foam inserts to go inside the case and the item you are transporting could be snug and secure inside the case with no room for movement. Don’t use an over-sized trunk and place something inside that is too small for the case with no means of protection, pack it, protect it and make sure it’s safe during the journey.

Place heavy items at the bottom of flight cases – There’s a natural logic when you pack a road trunk, heavy items go at the bottom and lighter goods should be placed on the top. It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to picture what might happen if you get this order the wrong way around.

Secure the case – Once you pack a road trunk and you have secured the items inside make sure you lock the outside of the case. Check the butterfly latches are firmly clasped together, you don’t want the lid to fly open if somebody mishandles the trunk. 

Use the wheel locks – Our road trunks are equipped with wheel locks as standard, once you load the flight cases up onto the back of a truck, clamp the wheel locks down to prevent the cases from moving during transport.

Secure the load – Strap the trunks down as an extra safety precaution. Go over the load and ensure it’s totally safe before you lock the back of the truck. 

Follow this advice and your road trunks should be safe en route to you next gig, hope this little nugget of wisdom from The Flight Case Company comes in handy.