Fancy a night sleeping rough in the departure lounge of an airport? Thought not, this would be a nightmare for most travellers.

Unfortunately this is what you’ll have to do if your return flight is cancelled, postponed or delayed due to unavoidable circumstances, you could face a night or more sleeping on the airport floor. How do you stay safe in this type of scenario? Take a few tips from this guide.

Sleep in numbers – If you are travelling with a large party that’s great, you’ll be safer together. If you are travelling alone look for fellow passengers in a similar position, they’ll be just as worried as you and could do with moral support. 

Take turns watching – Take it in turns to sleep if you are travelling with a partner or friend. One can get some shut eye the other can ‘stand guard’, swap around after a few hours.

Turn your case zip side down – If you have locks on your case use them, if not, turn the case zip-side down and use that as a pillow. Try to attach your case to your leg or our arm using a strap or a cord if you can, this will alert you if you fall asleep and somebody tries to make off with your property.

Hide phones and wallets – If you fancy a nap tuck your phone, wallet and anything small but valuable inside a zip up pocket. Hopefully you’ll hear the zipper being opened if somebody is up to mischief, just try to make life as difficult as you can for opportunistic thieves.

Don’t be flash with your cash – Be discreet about getting your wallet out in public. Don’t sit there counting your cash, trying to work out how much holiday spends you have left. Only use your wallet when you need it, to pay for goods, keep it tucked away the rest of the time.

Hopefully you’ll never have to experience a long layover, if you do, take care and be on your guard!