Holidays aren’t just a time for relaxing on a beach and slowly making your way through a new book. It’s a good time to try out the sport you love in a new location too. But suppose you want to take your golf clubs or snow board with you?

Here we’ve outlined a few things to do before you decide to take your sporting equipment with you on holiday.

Do you need it?

Firstly you should ask yourself if you really need the sporting equipment with you. If you’re a professional golfer then, obviously, the answer will be yes. But if you’re just heading out on holiday and fancy a quick game then maybe you should reconsider.

I’m quite sure that you’ll be able to rent some sporting equipment whilst out there. And it’ll probably be quite a bit cheaper than taking your own gear with you.

But if you can’t bear the thought of doing 9 holes without your beloved putter then read on.

Protect it

Most luggage handlers have a bit of a bad rep when it comes to loading luggage. Make sure you wrap your equipment up well. Bubble wrap is the best option available, but if money is a little tight towels will do.

This extra layer of protection should help secure your gear from damage when tossed into the cargo hold of a plane.

You should also make sure that you purchase a sturdy travel case. Again, this’ll help secure your sporting goods in transit. Here at the Flight Case Company we offer a variety of sporting travel cases for many different sports.

Insure it

If you love that set of golf clubs enough to take them on holiday, you love them enough to insure them. As I mentioned, airlines aren’t always the most cautious of people when it comes to luggage. Even when you’re on holiday your items could become lost, stolen or damaged.

Not every travel insurance policy covers sporting goods so put some time into doing some research.

Your airline

Lastly, make sure that your airline allows sporting equipment to be taken on board as luggage. Most do, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Some airlines may require you to pay additional cost for your luggage but this is usually dependent on weight and size.

So the next time you’re jetting off on holiday and want to take your sporting gear with you, consider these 4 things.