The Flight Case Company specialise in providing protection for equipment during transportation. Aiming to minimise damage and injury through the use of advanced technology, with all our flight cases including lifetime warranty - what more could you want? 

And here at The Flight Case Company we provide a wide range of road trunks that are designed to fit a range of equipment, be it your essential sporting or musical apparatus or expensive medical equipment and all our road trunks ensure that they stay protected, so let’s look at the five best types of road trunks available:


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Bespoke Road Trunks

These road trunks are manufactured specifically to order- therefore we take into consideration your needs and requirements. Not only are they lightweight which means transportation is easier, they are extremely versatile. At The Flight Case Company, we guarantee the safety of equipment and our bespoke trunks are suitable for stacking and built in order withstand stresses and hazards that may occur on the road.


Sports Cases

For those who are ambitious about sports: Have you got a sports flight case for transporting your equipment?


If not, why not?


We can create whatever style of case you require, incorporating the size and shape to meet your needs, be it for your Olympic rifle to your vaulting pole. During transportation, sporting equipment can become damaged if the transportation vehicle is already heavily loaded - simply put if the vehicle was to brake harshly, your sporting valuables may move from where they were located originally resulting in them becoming unfit for that all-important competition.


However, this does not have to be the case, if valuables were kept within a sports flight case which is strong and created to withstand extreme strains, then there would be no damage caused to the equipment or the vehicle and transportation would be a much easier and safer process.


Utility Cases

We also sell a wide variety of Utility Cases, all of which have been created to the highest quality possible. Our utility cases can be used to store medical and musical instruments, i.e. drums.


Admittedly the transportation of a drum kit can be somewhat awkward… but with The Flight Case Company, this can be made much simpler! So, if you work within the music or medical industry, you could benefit from one of our multi-purpose utility road trunks. We understand the importance of maintaining sensitive, expensive equipment and the cost that repairs or replacements can place on you and your business both financially and often emotionally.


Waterproof flight cases

These are highly impact resistant and eliminate the likelihood of any damage from adverse weather conditions during the transporting of your expensive equipment. One of the best qualities of the waterproof flight cases is that they can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions - making them even more preferable.


Aluminium flight cases

Do you still need the best form of protection for transporting your valuables? With reinforced grab handles and specially designed foam inserts, our aluminium flight cases are some of the most convenient and safest flight cases for any industry that requires road trunks! Not only does the versatility prevent damage, it ensures security.


At The Flight Case Company, we create flight cases that are made to suit your needs, and there is something on offer for everyone - regardless of individual needs, challenges and requirements! Transporting expensive equipment no longer should be problematic. Why not browse our full range of road trunks now!