Whether travelling on your own or with companions, luggage is essential. Only the ambitious, dedicated and seasoned traveller is confident enough to travel with just the clothes on their back and the money in their pocket.

There are distinct advantages of travelling light. We’re hardly advocating placing a map of the world, closing your eyes, placing your finger and announcing’ ‘I’m off to Equatorial Guinea’ before setting out the door for that experience that you feel is sorely lacking from your life but, the benefits of taking a minimal approach to travelling are distinctly apparent.

Why Travel Light?



 The advantages of travelling light can be summarised in a single word, mobility. Smaller packs make you less cumbersome, and allow you a sense of flexibility not otherwise afforded when carrying suitcases.

Tourists are distinctly conspicuous, and touring the globe comes with a certain stigma. Those with designs on travelling whilst wishing to avoid any negative attention would benefit greatly from travelling light.

An added incentive of ditching those heavy suitcases becomes immediately apparent when using transport. Crowded, enclosed environments are substantially easier to navigate without the added weight of a suitcase. Using personal transportation, such as motorcycles, cannot be achieved when lugging heavy suitcases. 



Difficulty arises should travellers find themselves parted from their belongings. Few would welcome the necessity of leaving their pack on a roof rack when traversing rough terrain, or leaving another person in charge of the pack. This, however, may be a necessity if not travelling light.

A lighter pack allows you to walk freely for farther distances. This, of course, does depend on the nature of your travelling. If you’re content bathed in the summer sun on a beach in Phuket, with a beer in hand for weeks on end, then a larger suitcase with as many comforts of home as you can muster may not be right for you. If you’re intent on seeing as much of the environment as possible, then travelling lighter is the more attractive option.

Even those in optimal physical condition aren’t immune to the laborious task of carrying your belongings on your back. This is never more apparent than when travelling in high temperatures. The convenience of having all those creature comforts at hand is swiftly negated when trudging through dry sand mounds.

Additionally, travellers tend to collect trinkets as mementos of their experience. Travellers tend to collect small gifts for their nearest and dearest over the course of their travels. This only adds to the bulk and weight of their rucksacks. This is another strong reason for travelling as light as possible.

Travelling doesn’t come cheap. Those travelling on a budget will be only too aware of the expense of getting where you want to go. Many airlines offer cheaper fares for passengers that check in with only hand luggage. If you can fit your backpack into an overhead compartment, you’ll save money.

When travelling abroad the temptation is to pack for every eventuality. Whereas this comprehensive and astute thought process is recommended for certain types of excursions, when travelling for the pure sense of seeing as much of the world as possible, travelling light has its benefits too.