Travelling without health insurance may seem foolish but when it comes to personal belongings, many people don’t see the need to cover these when they go away.

If you’re planning an extended travelling trip, whether for business or leisure, we’d recommend insuring your valuables. Taking expensive and electrical equipment abroad can be risky so have a look at our advice at The Flight Case Company.


Climate control

phone in water 



Most people choose their holiday destination wisely to be an escape from their everyday environment. As a result this can mean changes in the climate. Extreme heat or cold have impacts on electronic equipment just like they do with our bodies if we are not accustomed to it. Although it is advised that electronic equipment is never left out in the sun or bitter cold wherever you are, when you go on holiday your electronic items may be more exposed than usual.


Sitting on a beautiful beach with your laptop or mobile phone may seem like the best of both worlds but it can have damaging effects on the items. Also many holidayers have been left distressed after dropping electrical items in swimming pools or the ocean. Even though this could happen regardless of where you are, home or away, certain environmental factors such as these can increase the risk of damage to equipment.


Tourists are targets

stealing wallet 



Holidays are great fun but it can be easy to forget to be wary of your belongings when you are out and about exploring a new place. Tourists are easy targets to thieves. Often distracted by the setting, tourists are far less likely to notice when someone is trying to steal from them. When travelling with expensive items make sure you keep them close to your body and stay vigilant.


If you choose to leave items such as laptops at your accommodation, consider making use of a safe. Most hotels across the world have safes fitted into the rooms now. For larger, bulky items such as musical instruments, keep them locked away in their cases. We offer a number of purpose-built cases, specifically designed for taking your equipment with you when you travel. Although padlocks can help, insurance acts as a buffer to any of these potential thefts.   


Unfamiliar area

No matter what the purpose of your trip it is likely that you will be going to an unfamiliar area. Taking this into account, it can be hard to know whether an area is prone to crime or not. Particularly for touring bands or individuals moving from one place to the next and sleeping wherever possible, an unfamiliar area can put expensive items at risk of theft. Staying in areas with little security can be an invitation to thieves.


Lose or damage along the way

damaged laptop 



Your trip may take you from place to place and so this constant travelling can make things get lost along the way. Hopping on and off of aeroplanes, buses or trains, you might leave something behind or find that it has been mixed up in the transportation system. Valid possessions coverage gives you security if this does happen. Baggage can and does go missing all the time so give yourself a backup.


In the same way that things go astray, items can become easily damaged when you are moving from place to place. There are reports of items becoming broken on aeroplanes and public transport all the time so it is important to correctly package equipment. Our bespoke range of cases give you piece of mind when it comes to travelling with expensive items. Soft cases just don’t cut it for long haul travels.


Add up the costs

passport and currency 



Consider the worth of your equipment before you travel. A lot of people don’t even realise the value of the things they decide to travel with. From mobile phones, mp3s and tablets, to laptops, digital cameras, sporting equipment and instruments, the value quickly adds up. Unless you’re willing to potentially lose hundreds of pounds, investing in insurance will seem like nothing in comparison. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of insurance providers before you select your package so that you have the right and complete coverage you need.


View our full range of flight cases at The Flight Case Company. Whether you need a case for your Apple items, musical equipment, sporting goods or any other electrical items, we can help. Contact us today with any queries. Read through the rest of our blog for further travelling tips and advice.