The number of people with a passion for travelling sees no sign of diminishing. In fact, those with a passion to see the world have flocked to destinations around the world at an ever-increasing rate over the last few years.

From Thailand to Australia, America to Japan, tourists and backpackers have used what little means they have to learn about different cultures, far off lands, wondrous sights, and what the world has to offer for those willing to explore.

Sometimes fraught with potential pitfalls, yet often with the prospect of excitement around every corner, the path to enlightenment through travel can be one of ‘the road less travelled’ for the adventurous. For those with a desire for the summer sun, there are also a wealth of attractive clear oceans and sandy beaches to call home – if only for a short period of time.





Travelling Alone – The Advantages

Travelling alone demands a strong character. There is a wealth of benefits to opting to see the world in your own company alone.

One of the principal advantages of travelling alone is that you decide where you want to go and when. From the accommodation chosen to rest your weary bones to the restaurants chosen to dine in, when it comes to deciding where to venture to and when is only limited by the amount of money in your pocket.

1) Meeting New People



Those with an introverted nature could benefit greatly from travelling alone. The solitary nature of travelling and the human condition to seek out companionship means that meeting new people, especially travellers with a similar mindset, is encouraged. This shared experience could even form a bond that lasts for years to come.


2) Budgetary Concerns

When travelling you need to make a budget and stick to it. This is no more apparent than when travelling alone. If you are travelling in a party or with a partner, the amount of money spent is slightly less of a concern, because if you run out, you may be able to borrow funds from your fellow travellers. If you run out of money when travelling alone, the problem may be quite severe.


3) Discovery



A journey of discovery awaits you when travelling alone. This includes, not only a journey of physical discovery but, spiritual discovery too. You are free to experience every majestic, scenic landscape in a way that is completely personal. From a spiritual perspective, you are free to experience the journey and learn things about yourself that you never knew before embarking.


Travelling Alone – The Disadvantages

 There are a number of disadvantages to travelling alone. These range from the little considered or often forgotten to glaring issues that hamper enjoyment of the experience. One can be the loneliest number. Some of us relish our own company by nature. Others actively seek and crave the companionship of others. The degree to which this may have an effect on you is, more likely than not, dependent on your personality.


1) Safety in Numbers

The most obvious example of travelling alone is that of safety. Should you encounter a problem, no matter the issue, when alone you don’t have anyone else to depend upon. When travelling alone, it’s paramount to have health insurance. This will help with the financial implications of trip cancellation, if you are the victim of crime, or encounter illness and, or injury.


2) Personal Belongings



When travelling alone you have to keep an eye on your luggage at all times. If you need to pop to the toilet, for example, there is no one available to watch it for you. This can be inconvenient for those travelling alone, and can lead to difficult in certain situations, for example when going to the toilet in an airport, you’ll have to take your heavy luggage with you.


3) Taking Photographs



One of the most enjoyable activities of travelling is the opportunity to take photographs of the experience. Many travellers want to take a picture of themselves to remember the experience of being in a certain place. Even in the advent of the ‘selfie’ the right image can be far easily achieved when someone else takes a picture for you. This may be difficult to do when travelling alone.

There is a wealth of pro’s and con’s to travelling alone. The question boils down to the experience that they wish to have, individual experience of travelling and the amount of money you have saved for the trip.