Travelling is always stressful even if you're the most peaceful of people, travelling will always make you want to shout at atleast one person! Well musicians have an even harder time.

Not only do they have their whole crew and luggage but they also carry their expensive, cherished insturments with them, so you can imagine the stress when you get the counter and the clerk asks you to place said insturment - Your money maker, your life - into the cargo hold of the plane! We all know it just gets thrown in there, no care for the 'fragile' or 'this side up' stickers. In it goes... Now you spend the whole 9 hour flight worrying, what if they broke my guitar? What if they didn't load it? What if they lost it? Well, to put all of those thoughts at rest we decided to make 'The Ultimate List of Tips for Travelling Musicians'. Check it out! yukryukr


Travelling with Instruments Infographic


So, now that you know how to avoid the dread and stress of having to check your instruments into the cargo hold, you can travel care free and know that when you arrive, your instruments will be safe and sound! Your Welcome!