top 20 hottest travel blogs of 2015


Travel blogs aren't hard to come by these days, you can find everything from graduates documenting their trips around Asia for a few months to those who travel the globe for a living, and love it!


We decided to seperate the blogs which are good, with the ones that are truly great. Take a look at the Top 20 Hottest Travel Blogs of 2015.



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Global Grasshopper


Global Grasshopper
follows Becky and Gray, two travel addicts who are on a mission to find the world's
most underrated and beautiful places to visit.


But that's not all, they also provide tons of stunning photography, destination guides and travel inspiration.


A must read for those looking to discover interesting and unique places to stay and visit.

Inside The Travel Lab


Inside The Travel Lab 
is written by Abi, a writer and photographer who was once a doctor, but packed it and
decided to pack her bags.


Which once started as a documentation of the places she loved soon esculated into something much greater,
find captivating posts from all around the world all in one place. Another must read!

Backpacks and Bunkbeds


Just about to start your journey and need some valuable advice to remember? Look no further than
Backpacks and Bunkbeds.

Writer, traveler and Londoner, Neil, offers every bit of useful information you could need, including backpacking
tips, which hostels to stay in and what to look out for, volunteering work he has persued along with things you
need to know about roadtrips and weekend breaks. 



Whether you're a regular cruiser or know it's something in your future plans, CruiseMiss is the blog to read.

Danielle documents her travels offering an appealing insight in to many places around the globe,
documenting on just about every part of her experience, including food reviews, activities and supporting
imagery that will most likely have you booking sooner rather than later! 

Heather On Her Travels


Heather on her travels 
is another fantastic blog with endless travel inspiration and destination information,
from Copenhagen to Canada, discover the latest tales, videos and photography from all around the world.


A personal travel blog with a charming touch, make sure to visit!

Mallory On Travel


Mallory On Travel
are the thoughts and actions of Iain, a travel writer and ex-member of the Armed Forces.

If you're looking for activities to persue on your travels, this is the blog to read, whether it be riding ebikes
or bungee jumping, you'll find all right in one place. Sorted!

Mums Gone To...


Perhaps you're in need of some new ideas for you family holidays or short breaks, Mums Gone To... is
the blog you need to be reading.


Find ideas for unusual and unique destinations from a family travel perspective, a truly great read.

Restless Jo


Restless Jo
is a personal journey through the years for travel blogger Jo, who presents the natural beauty
that Hartlepool has to offer, along with her journey's abroad.


Her blog offers a comparison between the two worlds, but also makes you think about the place in which
you live and the potential it has to offer. Great imagery and writing to be found, make sure you pay a visit.

Silverspoon London


Angie Silver aka Silverspoon London is a luxury lifestyle, food and travel blog. Filled with tons of fun stuff
to do in London and even an index of retauraunts, this blog is useful all year around.


Not forgetting the luxury travel page, which combines activities, restaurants and hotels that Angie
recommends all around the world.  Perfect for those visiting London, or just about anywhere!

That Adventurer


Delve into the world of travel nut Hannah aka That Aventurer and follow her latest activities and challenges.


For those who are looking to throw themselves in the deep end and truly experience travelling,
this blog is the one to take notice of!

The Cosy Traveller


The Cosy Traveller
offers the thoughts, feelings and dreams of aspiring traveller and writer, Emily. 

This blog offers everything from travel and experiences, backpacking resoures and general health
and lifestyle advice, all which is really valuable to travellers.

The Little Backpacker


Find endless travel tips, destination reviews and everything else related here at The Little Backpacker.

Follow the adventures of writer and photographer, Jodie, and be sure to check out her about page for an
easy index of the places she's already visited. 

The Quirky Traveller


Voted Best Travel Blogger back in 2011, Zoë Dawes aka The Quirky Traveller continues to write and
illustrate her travel experiences with sheer quality and interest.

Whether it be a short break in the UK or a holiday abroad, you're sure to find the inspiration and advice you
need when travelling just about anywhere. For history, literature art and food lovers, you must visit this blog!



Exciting, fun family travel is either hard to come by or difficult to choose from. Eliminate both of these
struggles with Jenography, the family travel blog with flair.


Jennifer Howze, co-founder of BritMums, shares her wealth of exerperience in parenting, but this personal blog
also opens a door to her lifestyle and travel exerperiences. Valuable and interesting to read with every post.

Travelling For Fun


We all know how annoying and frustrating it can get trying to find travel information online, frantically
clicking between what feels like a million tabs of information, Ross understands your pain.

Travelling For Fun
was set up to make organising and planning your trip simple and easy, from the
current experiences that Ross has had, find guides to just about any destination you'd want to. Excellent!

The Epic Adventurer


The Epic Adventurer
aka Julia Hudson has written for tons of reputable travel websites, and it's easy to see
why when reading her articles.


Her blog takes a personal yet responsible approach, offering stress-free ways to plan your adventures,
the best ways to budget and tons of other unique and insightful travel posts. This blog truly is epic!

Traveling Ted


As described by the man himself, find the very best in outdoor activity from Traveling Ted.

Looking for fun filled activities and places to visit? First things first, visit Traveling Ted and drink in a wealth of
worldwide travel experience and endless activities to pursue. No matter where you're travelling to, these
inspiring articles will give you all the ideas you could possibly need. 

Continental Breakfast Travel


Continental Breakfast Travel
is a hub of advice for planning city breaks, budget trips and part-time travel.

Currently based in Germany, John Pilkington spends his spare time blogging and travelling about his
passion and aims to advise and encourage people to travel just like him. Charmingly written and easy to

Urban Backpacker


Urban Backpacker is simply a worldwide guide to urban travel. Rochelle Carr writes about the best ways to
plan your travels, whilst offering opinions on her favourite hotels, restaurants and activities to do all over
the world.


Perfect if you're seeking an artful insight, fun filled adventures or sheer luxury, something for everyone!

British Travel Blog


Many of us Brits take our beautiful land for granted, and British Travel Blog intends to reinforce our love for


Expect to find the most picturesque places to visit in the UK, along with the best ways to travel on a budget.
Great for those looking to visit the UK and need some inspiration.