Travelling as part of a group can be great fun! Being surrounded by all of your friends in another country is exciting but can also cause more stress than a standard holiday.

With personalities clashing and different opinions overriding each other, group holidays are sometimes hard to manage. Nevertheless embrace the opportunity to share your adventure. Here are our top tips at The Flight Case Company.


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Plan where you want to go

Before you even reach your destination you need to make a collective choice about where to go. Making sure everyone is on the same page is important and saves any issues about the destination along the line. Although you can have a good time as a bunch of friends wherever you are, securing the right destination for your big holiday will make it even more memorable.


Research your destination properly

The more prepared you are before you venture abroad, the more likely things are to run smoothly. Find out some of the interesting things you can do together whilst you’re out there. Choosing accommodation wisely so that it is in an appropriate location to these places will save time once you’re out there. Talk to everyone and gather an understanding of what people want to do. The purpose for the holiday should be largely the same amongst everyone.


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Expect to break up into smaller groups

That being said there will be times when you will break up into smaller groups. Not everyone will want to visit the same museums, galleries or adventure parks for example. It can actually be quite refreshing when you don’t all do the same thing and acts as a breather from a potentially chaotic group atmosphere. It is important to not take things personally if people don’t want to do exactly the same thing as you all of the time. You can share experiences and make your own experiences.


Understand how much you’re willing to pay

When budgets vary dramatically from person to person it can be tricky to keep everyone happy. Before any plans go ahead, a general budget should be set by everyone. This can then allow for entrance into places, food costs and general travel costs. Depending on where the budget is set you can plan ahead for where to go, what to do and where to eat. Eating out abroad can be expensive so be wary of this and know your options. Also certain costs such as for public toilets or bottled water can be easily forgotten.


Know what transportation is available

If you plan on travelling from one place to another, making a full tour out of your trip, transportation needs to be considered and arranged beforehand where possible. There may be a really good transport system if you are looking to tour just one country. For travel across countries, aeroplanes should be booked in advance along with your original outbound flight. Keep the details of departures and arrivals to hand so that you have a clear schedule to follow.


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Pack everything you need to but be reasonable

The nature of the trip itself can dictate what you pack, for example the weather can have a big impact on the contents of your case. Be sensible when it comes to packing and pack everything you need but be reasonable. Five bikinis for your beach break is a bit excessive in the same way that packing smart clothing for an adventure holiday is inappropriate. Check the airline’s allowed baggage rules and guidelines before you travel so that everyone can get through the airport quickly and easily.


Certain equipment or items may be an essential part of the holiday. For touring bands or sporting holidays, equipment needs to be transported appropriately to avoid any damage. We stock a range of bespoke cases for musical instruments and audio equipment, as well as sporting goods. Again, you should check with the airline before booking to find out their rules for travelling with these items.


Our full range of flight cases can be viewed from our website here at The Flight Case Company but we also accept bespoke projects to meet your needs. Contact one of our team today with any questions or queries. For more flight and travel tips, read through the rest of our blog.