Vamped not Re-Vamped. The All New Flight Case Company Website


We are really pleased to announce that after four months of no sleep and coffee shakes in the morning, our web design staff have completed the brand new FCC website. This enormous feat of webzidry has been achieved by our fantastic team working non-stop, round-the-clock to complete our all brand new online shop.

We’ve expanded the store in every way possible, improving its customer service and access so as to give you all the information you need within easy reach. It is now easier than ever to see the thousands of our products in finer and finer detail. New Features include:

 - Immediate Custom Quotation Area.

 On our Homepage, simply click on the Instant Quote Calculator for speedy service and pricing of your custom flight case design. There are 9 varieties of flight case and within the calculator. You can choose from several options of board, castors, handles, butterfly catches and internal foaming. Once you have completed the form the website will email you immediately an ex vat. quotation for the product. You can also request a 3D drawing of the cases’externals to get some idea of how your case will look.  Our case design department will complete this and forward to you by the end of the next working day.

 - Instant Chat.

 You can now connect direct to our office and get up to the minute information on your order.

 - An information page detailing hardware specifics.

 Whether you buying a DJ Flightcase or 500 custom built road trunks you want to know the hardware specifics. This section details the type of foam used for lining the cases, the types of board, the model and make of handles and butterfly catches, the colour and type of castors.

 - New Blogs!

 Write-ups from all our staff, detailing their knowledge and areas of expertise. We like our staff to cross-pollinate in the industrial sense! We boast a wealth of knowledge from the Music, Media, Computing and Product Design Industries. This all adds to the service we provide as a company, building flight cases for all requirements.

 - FCC History

How did we get started? Well that is a story we tell so if you want to know something about the vision, drive and professionalism that has come to embody The FCC, look no further than here.