Why Choose NSP Cases for Bespoke Flight Cases?

If you’re looking for a bespoke flight case, look no further than NSP Cases.

We have a range of flight cases available but why should you choose NSP Cases?

Specific requirements

When it comes to finding a bespoke flight case, you want it to suit your individual needs and

wants, we guarantee you’ll be able to transport your valuables with ease.

NSP Cases tailor your flight case to meet your individual needs for size, shape

and style. So, whether you’re looking for an Apple Flight Case, Audio Flight Case, Sound

Flight Case or Road Trunk, we can tailor each case to suit your needs and requirements.

Rather than choosing a generic flight case that accommodates for most objects, why not

personalise your flight case with The Flight Company? After all, we are the specialists.

Cost efficiency

We ensure that your investment is effective, your flight case should provide you with

optimal protection for the transportation of your speakers, guitar, games console or

whatever valuable item you’re transporting!

Our costs for custom flight cases vary depending on the size you require. As with anything,

larger flight cases cost more, but this by no means suggests that the case is unaffordable!

Here at NSP Cases, we believe in providing you with value for money, so rest

assured you’ll be able to use your flight case on more than one occasion!


For custom flight cases, you can rely on NSP Cases for designing only the

highest quality of cases, ensuring that your valuables are protected from start to finish. So, if

you’re in a band and you have to transport your instruments whilst on tour, how can you

guarantee your instruments will remain intact if they’re just thrown in the back of the van or

car? You may have thought that your drum kit was too big for the music cases we have here

at NSP Cases, however, we provide bespoke flight cases to accommodate for

instruments of any size; simply provide us with your measurements and we’ll create a high-

quality case for you!


Is the case for the road? Perhaps it’s for keeping your electronics safe? The Flight Case

Company provide a range of flight cases, including the pull along cases and briefcases. The

final result is down to your individual preference, we allow you to personalise your case to

offer the best functionality.

We understand that the purpose of your flight case will be unique to you, hence why we

create bespoke flight cases!

If you’re looking to save money, you may want to consider our multi-purpose flight case,

take the 50/50 case for instance; which allows you to transport more than one instrument

or device. Our bespoke flight cases are built to your exact standards, and come with our

lifetime guarantee.

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