Custom Live In Ampeg Amp Head Flight Case

Custom Live In Marshall Amp Head Flight Case

Custom Live In Marshall Amp Head Flight Case

£190.00 £158.33

Designed In House + Custom Built + Lifetime Guarantee

Manufactured in House

Custom built Marshall amp head flight case for any Marshall amplifier head unit.

Designed so that the head can be left in the sleeve during use, we will contact you after placing the order to confirm dimensions of the amp head, feet and handle sizes as we foam around handles and feet.

Handbuilt in the UK with top spec materials to world touring grade standards, each case is custom built to order around the dimensions of your amp head (+2/3mm) with a 20mm foam lining, Large Recessed Latches and Recessed Flip Handles.

Standard finish is 7mm ply with black scratch resistant laminated, custom colours are also available - please email for prices.

Heavy duty hardwarefixtures and fittings insure the case is ready to be thrown in flight holds or the back of a van or lorry without any worries.  


  • Heavy Duty Zinc Hardware
  • Plywood with black smooth laminate
  • Full flight case for touring use
  • 30mm Aluminum Edging
  • Large 6 Rivet Ball Corners
  • Recessed Butterfly Latches
  • Heavy duty, comfortable 'techno' handle
  • Internal base board has rubber feet so can be used inside or outside of the flight case
  • Flight case has rubber feet on the base
  • 1.5m of Self Adhesive Velcro (both hook and loop)
  • Dimensions: Custom Built To Your Model  
  • Suitable for amp heads; 1959 HW Amp,1959 HW Cab,1974X 1 x 12,1974X Cab 2 x 12,2061X Amp,2061X Cab,2100SL-X/2500 SL-X,4100 / 4500,AVT 100,AVT 150,AVT 150 H,AVT 20,AVT 275,AVT 50,AVT 50 H,DSL 100 Head,DSL 150 Head,DSL 201 / 401 Combo,DSL 50 Head,JCM 2000,JCM 600,JCM 601,JCM 602,JCM 800,JCM 900,JCM 900 2 x 12,JMP 100 Head,JPM 50 Head,JTM 622 Cab,JTM30 210,MF350,MG100 HDFX Head,MSHMG 100 HDFX Head,Standard 4 x 12,TSL 100 Head,TSL 122 Combo,TSL 60 Head,TSL 601 1 x 12 Combo,TSL 602 2 x 12 Combo,TSLC 212,VBA 400,VBC 4 x 12