Denon Dn-SC2000 Flight Case

Denon Dn-SC2000 Flight Case

Denon Dn-SC2000 Flight Case

£135.00 £112.50

Designed In House + Custom Built

Manufactured in House


Denon DN-SC2000

Flight Case built by NSP Flight Cases - Using Penn Hardware!

Designed to hold the popular Denon DN-SC2000

Built from plywood and heavy duty hardware, the NSP-DEN HS is perfect for protecting and transporting the Denon DN-SC2000

Designed to surpass the quality of any other DJ case at this fantastic price point, not a cheap chinese import! This is a high quality UK spec flight case






  • Hexaboard Plywood.
  • Heavy duty UK Penn hardware.
  • Fully foam lined
  • Removable Lid
  • 60mm space at the rear for cables
  • External size: W 260mm x D 370mm x H 125mm