HPRC 2460 Hard Case for Sony Alpha 7 Camera

HPRC 2460 Hard Case for Sony Alpha 7 Camera

HPRC 2460 Hard Case for Sony Alpha 7 Camera

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HPRC 2460

Designed to safely store and transport your Sony Alpha 7 and accessories whilst protecting them from hard environments and weather with the HPRC2460 hard case with a bespoke foam cut interior. 

The case can hold:

  • Sony Alpha 7 Camera (models: A7/ A7R / A7S / A7II/ A7RII / A7SII / a6300 with or without mounted lens  EF/F/PL-Mount/Leica R)
  • 4 x Lens

    Sony FE 50/1.4,   50/2,8 Macro,   24-70/2.8 G, 85/1,4 G, 16-35/4,   24-70/4,    28-70/3.5-5.6,    28/2.0

    SONY ZA 35/2.8,   35/1.4,   50/1.4,  50/1,8 55/1.8/  10-18/4

    Zeiss Loxia  21/2.8, 35/2.0,  50/2.0

  • External recorder Atomos/Sound Device etc

  • Accessories (baseplate, rods, top grip handles, lockports, cables, batteries, battery chargers, controllers, GoPro)

Please note: *Camera and accessories not included

The case is a lightweight, waterproof, unbreakable case giving the user peace of mind when in transit or when using for storage. The reinforced corners make the case extremely shock resistant as well as it being able to withstand falls and impacts. 


internal dimension  409x306x175(mm) - 16.10x12.05x6.89(in)
external dimension 434x371x193(mm) - 17.09x14.61x7.60(in)

lid: 70(mm) - 2.76(in) bottom: 105(mm) - 4.14(in)


empty: 3,14kg - 6.92lbss