ABUS TSA Cable Lock

Lock Your Flight Case with ABUS TSA-Certified Cable Lock

Lock Your Flight Case with ABUS TSA-Certified Cable Lock

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ABUS 5304944

Dispatched with your Flight Case

Lock Your Flight Case with an ABUS TSA-Certified Cable Lock

Works perfectly with all flight cases that have padlock eyes.

Please note: If you have a removeable lid you will need 2 padlocks, if hinged, you will only need 1 padlock.


Abus 148TSA Combination cable lock, essential security for visitors to the USA. The T.S.A. (Transport Security Administration) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland security which is responsible for the safety and security of the public travelling to the United States. Abus TSA Luggage locks allow the agency to open and search air passenger's luggage and then relock using a TSA master key. Width: 20mm. height: 54mm. Depth: 14mm. Shackle width: 37mm. Shackle height: 17mm. Shackle diameter: 2mm. From the flagship ABUKA20432 (Granit Padlock) close shackle insurance padlock, featuring the high security. Abus plus locking mechanism, to a small keyed or combination padlock to secure your luggage when on holiday. Abus have the right security product for just about every application. The range includes a wide selection of keyed alike padlocks which offer the convenience of 2 or more padlocks supplied that operate using just one key, ideal for schools, locker rooms or fire brigade access. Also included are high security cable and hardened chain, plus secure anchor points for both domestic and commercial use.

  • Low security / for objects with a low theft risk
  • Ideal for travel in the USA: opening and closing by the US security forces, without damage to the lock (TSA logo)
  • Individually adjustable 3 digit code
  • Intended for use on luggage
  • Cable shackle opens by pressing the side lever . Writeable name plate included