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Pedal Board Flight Cases

Guitar pedals and pedalboards come in various different shapes and sizes so it can often be difficult to find a suitable case in which to transport them. Here at The Flight CaseCompany we specialise in producing bespoke flight cases for a variety of musical instruments and equipment.

Our pedal board flight cases are available in three different sizes depending upon the number of pedals you wish to store and transport. Each case is made using heavy duty zinc with aluminium edging and a comfortable ‘techno’ handle for ease of use. Our cases are designed to fit a huge range of pedals and multi-effects units, so no matter what your style is, we have a case for you.

All of our pedalboards are made from laminated plywood and include heavy duty Velcro fastenings to secure your pedals in place during transit and use. Pedalboards can either be removed from the case for use or left in situ thanks to the underboard wiring.

You can browse our range of pedal board flight cases here, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information on any of our products.

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