Road Trunks

Road Trunks

Road Cases

Getting from A to B isn’t always as easy as it sounds. So guarantee the safety of the equipment you’re transporting with a heavy duty road trunk.

We have a wide range of road trunk available, including road trunks from Cable - a company who make some of the most popular flight cases on the market.

They’re designed to offer the very best transport solution. They’re strong and carefully designed to withstand the hazards, stresses and strains of the road.

They’re versatile too. Their lightweight construction, stackable design and adjustable divides mean that they’re suitable for use within a wide range of industry sectors.

Can’t find the road trunk you’re looking for? Build your own. Choose the size, select the features (including handles, foam lining and lid style) and we’ll create a custom-built road trunk that’s designed to suit your specific needs.

Get the best possible protection every time with a road trunk from The Flight Case Company.

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